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A Casanova Classic

The most celebrated designs of the Casanova collection include the fusion of colorful art, advanced technology, a heartfelt passion and meticulous hand craftsmanship.  The combination of these 4 principals has been the identity of the Casanova production for generations.  To produce such beautiful eyewear, it takes significant time and the consideration of talented hands.  The results are known around the world, and can only be Made in Italy.

Casanova Occhiali is the creation of a timeless article.   Its current direction continues to be inspired by independent artists, art movements, and holds dear the treasured heritage of the 1900’s: the Viennese Secession, Mondrian, Miró, Kandinsky and Le Corbusier, from whose artwork many shapes and colors were already borrowed into the designs.  From the first introduction at the fashion trade fairs of 1985, through the following 25 years, the iconic image of it's unique Venetian design character, hand applied cloisonné colors, and enviable architectures, has afforded Casanova Eyewear a world class reputation as the leader in creation of art-centric eyewear under the trademarks with the Made in Italy certification.

The Casanova Occhiali creators continue the study of concepts inspired by artistic movements and individual artists.  The Casanova segment represents daring Haute-Couture spirit, embodying the most interesting architecture element in the collection, and Dolce Vita "pret-a-porter" segment adds a contemporary element paired well with the current fashion trends, while Taxi "modi di vedere" segment, represents the smart casual creation, the entry level to the overall collection.

The collection is presented to you as the most coveted brand Made in Italy; because you are the Bold and the Daring, and Casanova affords you the satisfaction in your quest for self-expression through the mystique of classic Venetian sensitivity.   

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