Trademarks - Casanova, Taxi, Dolce Vita 

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Casanova Eyewear Styles, Vintage and New All handmade and hand painted in

Venezia Italy

A Casanova Classic

“Different!”  unanimously describes the futuristic pieces in the collection presented by Casanova Venezia from the very inception at the 1986 Optical Trade Fair in New York City to the contemporary interpretations presented now. The same powerful reactions are heard time and again around the world at every new show.

Casanova continues to be inspired by independent artists, art movements, and treasured heritage of the 1900’s: the Viennese Secession, Mondrian, Miró, Kandinsky and Le Corbusier, from whose artwork many shapes and colors were borrowed into our designs.


That was then.....  This is now.

Kingdom Eyewear has proudly taken on the custodianship of the iconic Casanova Occhiali, Taxi and Dolce Vita eyewear creations, with the utmost care for the world-renowned trademarks of these epic brands, to continue the legacy of the original founders and Custodians of the important culture of hand made Venetian eyewear.

Our mission is to partner with the bold and the daring in their quest for self-expression through the mystique of classic Venetian sensitivity. Then through whimsical architecture, now through esoteric colors, and a focus designed for eyewear collectors who embrace the individualism of expression.